In the name of me, We are the greatest and the most merciful.

The two Angels (Raqeeb and Atheed) recording all you do from now will be more efficient. They will be using HD recorders with 3D coverage and the sound will be captured in Dolby 5.1 THX. And one more thing to make you naturalist and Atheist happy we will no longer be recording (scratching) onto leaves, but we have negotiated with Larry and Sergie to use Google servers for saving all the records. Because their servers have unlimited capacity (like me) and I have blessed them.

And we are the greatest and the most technologically advanced.

We are testing this service on a small population in Maldives.


The great me is doing some repair work on ‘Universe 2.0’
It will start with Gul-huvalloahu and end in Sidhrathul Munthahaa.
You will see the consequences later. And by the moon this universe is only a beta.

What is my name?

June 14, 2007

As y’all know I’m god and I’m known to everyone by alot of names and forms. Some think I can fly and am made out of spegetti. Others prefer to see me as a wise old man. And some others are too scared to imagine me in any form.

Each group thinks that they have figured me out and the rest are wrong. Personally I have no favourites ;P

I’ve chosen the name Alloahu for this blog cox it details my work in the Maldives. Alloahu is the dhivehi name for me. Allhoahu is the official name for me there but its not the only one I’m refered to as.

For more info check out:

And remember I can be anything you want me to be.

Hell needs an upgrade. Features from Maafushi Jail will be borrowed for it. I have been watching it very closely. And by the sun, I watch everything.

Alloahu & Satan

June 9, 2007

Some misguided sources has said that I am Satan. That’s simply not true. I created Satan. His real name is Ibilees.

If you read the the last 3 stories from my most recent book Ibilees will not come near you. And I’m the one who knows all.

My Birthday: wish me

June 6, 2007

Today is my Birthday. If you read the Hathim from one end to the other or if you wish me today I will make a 10 storey playboy mansion complete with naked girls and boys for you in Heaven. Without doubt I am the maker of things from nothing.

And by the stars: I’m infinity times two years old today.